Where to Play

Customer insight


Design, fieldwork and analysis of custom primary B2C and B2B research to give you deep data driven insights on your customers' behaviour, needs and future plans; including WhiteBridge's expert views on why users act the way they do

Market assessment


Custom research, sizing and forecasting the scale of your opportunity in expertly defined CMT markets; analysis of the complex value web of market partnerships; and advice on where to play tailored to your unique strategy and positioning

Vendor analysis

Bespoke analysis of your vendor or competitor technology and business strategies, operations, product portfolio and financial performance; including an expert so what viewimplications of critical vendor insights to you as a client

How to Win

Product positioning


Independent outside-in assessment of the critical  mix of features and benefits in your and your competitors' CMT products and services, with a tailored expert advice on how to (re)design your value proposition

Strategic marketing


Tailored strategic marketing program of thought leadership content that can make a powerful impact on your external stakeholders, showcase the depth of your market understanding, and enhance your brand

Sales enablement


Insight-led account battle cards, accelerating challenger sales enablement, tailored to different technology and business buyer journeys and account segmentation that can accelerate your B2B sales momentum

How to Execute

Price optimisation


Benchmark your B2B pricing and model your price elasticity of demand to optimise your revenue growth and market share


Investment support

Independent commercial and operational due diligence of CMT investments including expert financial analysis and testing of growth and valuation assumptions


Interim resourcing


Fill your short-term resourcing gaps with a WhiteBridge expert associate contracted on a time and materials (T&M) basis. Our affiliate network of associates includes strategy, technology, marketing and product management experts

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