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WhiteBridge report: eSIM: a Disruptive Opportunity for Telcos

17 June 2019

The physical SIM, which has served the mobile industry so well for decades, looks set to be replaced by the eSIM in most mobile devices very soon. The eSIM can help service providers enhance their digital customer management, broaden the IoT opportunity, and simplify their operations. But getting telco operations ready for eSIM enabled devices is a major undertaking spanning critical billing, operational and customer management systems ....

WhiteBridge viewpoint: The IoT Market Needs More Client-Problem-First Vendors

22 May 2019

Last week's IoT World event in the Silicon Valley was very insightful. The IoT enabling technologies we saw at the expo are clearly developing very quickly. But the debate on the conference floor told a slightly different story. Put simply, while many enterprises currently explore or pilot IoT solutions, only a small minority actually proceed to full deployments. Indeed should the current level of IoT tinkering continue, the forecasts of an IoT revolution....

WhiteBridge viewpoint: Succeeding as IoT Solutions Provider

20 February 2019

The enterprise Internet-of-Things (IoT) market is one of the fastest growing and soon, one of the largest technology opportunities, variously forecast to reach global revenues of $1 trillion a year by 2022-2025 by different analyst firms. It includes separate markets for IoT connectivity, hardware, software platforms, as well as vast IoT solution integration and service opportunities. But it is also a very complex ecosystem for enterprise decision makers (DMs) to navigate...

WhiteBridge judges World Communications Awards and takes part in Total Telecom Congress

1 November 2018

WhiteBridge Director Angel Dobardziev took part in the World Communications Awards as a judge and awards presenter at the Sheraton Grand in London yesterday. He also moderated the the Total Telecoms Congress session 'OTT content and telecoms operators' on the same day...

WhiteBridge viewpoint: eSIM smartphones will disrupt the mobile industry

19 September 2018

Apple’s new iPhone XS and XS Max models introduced last week will have dual SIM functionality, including an eSIM. At first sight, this may not seem like much: dual SIM smartphones have been around for a while. WhiteBridge thinks the actual inclusion of the eSIM in the iPhones is a very significant move for the industry, great news for consumers, but also a mixed blessing for carriers...

WhiteBridge Founder speaks at Connected Britain summit 

20 June 2018

WhiteBridge's Founder Angel Dobardziev today chaired the Digital Transformation roundtable at the Connected Britain summit.

WhiteBridge viewpoint: The 5G business case needs closer scrutiny

1st June 2018

For all its great achievements, the wireless industry at times took a ‘build it and they will come’ approach to new network investments. In the early 2000s operators invested billions on 3G spectrum licences hoping to offer a ‘multimedia experience on the move’ - only to write these off...

WhiteBridge viewpoint: Business outcome pricing will be a critical differentiator for technology vendors 

15 May 2018

Three issues have come into play over the last few years that led me to believe that properly executed business outcome pricing is not only more relevant today, it is actually critical for differentiation among leading IT service vendors...

WhiteBridge's Founder appointed as Judge at World Communications Awards and Chair at Total Telecoms Congress

5 May 2018

Today WhiteBrige's Founder Angel Dobardziev was appointed to as Judge at World Communications Awards 2018 and will also moderate sessions at the Total Telecoms Congress in October 2018.

WhiteBridge viewpoint: Pay TV operators need a radical rethink of their value propositions

2 May 2018

The recent results of major pay TV operators in Europe and North America have not been a great reading. Their investors in particular are getting concerned about the lack of video subscriber growth, while Netflix and Amazon post forecast beating figures. For sure, many providers reported...

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