WhiteBridge judges World Communications Awards and takes part in Total Telecom Congress

1 November 2018

Yesterday WhiteBridge Director Angel Dobardziev took part in the annual World Communications Awards as judge and award presenter at the Sheraton Grand in London. With over 800 attendees, the industry honoured the innovation, social responsibility, digital transformation as well as industry's best CEO and CTO among the 25 award categories.


WhiteBridge also took part in the related Total Telecoms Congress  ​on 30th and 31st October, moderating the 'OTT content and the impact of telco providers' panel, as well as taking part in 5G, IoT and digital platform strategies roundtables. 

Angel summary of his key conference insights include views on: 

5G: most telcos still fail to articulate a strong 5G business case, besides the 'everyone else is rolling out, so we are too' mantra. The revenue upside remains uncertain, while it is clear that the cost of large scale rollouts in the 3.5 Ghz bands and above will be very high. This makes the current telco 5G approach that I would call 'shout loud, but go slow' very rational, but highly confusing, especially to vendors. See this viewpoint on further detail on WhiteBridge's view on the 5G business case. 


IoT: many telcos remain fixated on playing a full IoT service provider role, offering not just IoT connectivity and device management, but also analytics, and solution integration to enterprises. Very desirable, but hugely challenging, as it not only requires software (analytics, AI) and IT services capabilities, but also C-level relationships across industries that few telcos have.


Digital platform play: there was still a lot of talk of telcos playing a platform role in leveraging their customer relationships, billing and data assets, for a range of services from games and video, to financial services and connected car to consumers. But, few telcos are moving the revenue growth needle with any of these initiatives - Turkcell seems to be a phenomenal, yet isolated, exception.

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